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True Love Never Dies [2/2]

Title: True Love Never Dies [2/2]
Characters: KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG 13
Warning: No Warning
Beta:Blurnana Blurzebra(Thank you so much!)
Disclaimer: Super Junior is ELF’s while ELF’s is Super Junior’s ^^
Summary: KyuMin love is so great and perfect even angels envy them and nothing can separate them apart. True Love Never Dies for KyuMin until eternity.
A/N: The second part which most of you ask for^^

Part One^^

Members are starting to get worried. Kyuhyun hasn't been spending time with them lately and has been coming home late. On the other hand, Sungmin has been really quiet these few days. Although the both of them still have smiles on their faces, being with them for so many years, members know that they are faking it. There must be something wrong with the two of them.

Some of them thought that Kyuhyun was tired due to the late games. Some thought that Sungmin is stressed over his work. Only Leeteuk knew that it had something to do with their relationship. No one knew that KyuMin were in a relationship except Leeteuk.

-Flashback -

"Sungmin ah, just once pleaseee ~"

"No Kyu! What if someone catches us?"

"Just a kiss!" With that, Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin close to him and closed their gaps between their lips. They were kissing backstage where no one would walk by. Just then a gasp was heard.

"W..What are you two doing?!"

"Ah Teukkie Hyung..W..We.."

"Can I know what is going on between the two of you?"

That was when both of them explained to their Hyung that they had been together since a long time ago and that they really love each other. Being a great Hyung, he decided to help them hide their relationship and asked them to be careful. KyuMin smiled at each other and interwined their hands while thanking Leeteuk.

Ever since that day, Leeteuk always smiles when he sees how happy both of them are when they are together. Their love speaks so much.

-End of Flashback-

Among them, Leeteuk was the most worried one about KyuMin as he can sense that there must be something wrong with their relationship. Seeing Sungmin at the
kitchen, Leeteuk pulled Sungmin into a hug.

"We are brothers right? Brothers share with each other and care for one another. If you have anything that is troubling you, I'm always here for you."

With that, Sungmin couldn't control his tears and cried into Leeteuk's shoulder.


Kyuhyun came back to the dorm drunk again. He has been visiting the bar so often that the members started to get worried. Yes he loves to drink but he has never been like this. Recently, it has been Victoria who will bring Kyuhyun home. Victoria always accompany him to the bar. Sometimes Changmin will follow along but due to his busy schedule, it's always Victoria and Kyuhyun.

Sungmin saw how Victoria held him leading him inside their room. How Kyuhyun pulled her close. How they started Kissing. How Kyuhyun insist her to stay for the night with him. How Kyuhyun pull her close to his embrace while he sleeps. Sungmin just turn facing the wall while he tries to sleep.

"I have to move on and forget about him fast. I'm sorry heart. True love never dies but reality speaks of goodbye." With that, Sungmin cried himself to sleep while Kyuhyun hug Victoria to sleep.

Hugging Kyuhyun tighter, Victoria looked at the sleeping figure opposite their bed and smirked to herself. Every late night, she came to the dorm with a drunk Kyuhyun and stayed till early morning when she sneaked out of the dorm. No one knows about Victoria being in Super Junior's dorm except Sungmin and of course Kyuhyun.



"You’ve always asked me if i would love you even if we get old,
as your face grows older with wrinkles, my love for you grows too,
as your eyes grow weary, my love will brighten your soul,
when you lie down tired, my love will be next to you,
When your eyes close, my love will keep you safe,
When i kiss your forehead and seeing your smile; that one smile gives me reason to live ~
If i didn’t have the courage to love you, I would never have started.”

Kyuhyun said as he backhugged Sungmin at their dorm's rooftop admiring the night sky with stars sparkling upon them.

"Wow! Kyu ~ Since when you become so cheesy huh?" Sungmin giggled while resting his head on Kyuhyun's shoulder.

"I've become so cheesy because of a certain Lee Sungmin. I love him since the day we met. I.."

"Ok ok enough. I'm getting goosebumps" They both giggled and Kyuhyun gave a kiss on Sungmin's lip.

The door to the rooftop closed softly and behind the door, there was a girl who clenched her fist so hard that nail marks was visible for days.

-End of Flashback-


Zhoumi was seen hanging around with Super Junior alot lately especially with Sungmin. Everyday when Sungmin is back from schedule looking exhausted, Zhoumi will give him a massage and help him around. Members thought they have a really good friendship and didn't question much.

Recently, Sungmin has been acting weird which makes Zhoumi gets worried too. He've been there to cheer him up however it didn't work.

"Hyung, is there anything bothering you? You know I'm always here for you if you need."

"I'm fine Zhoumi. Thanks for your concern. Let's continue our dinner before the food turns cold." Sungmin gave him an assuring smile before turning back to tuck on his food. Zhoumi didnt feel satisfied with Sungmin's answer.

"Kyuhyun, Sungmin ah. If both of you need anything, the members will always be here for both of you ok?"

"Hyung! We are both fine. What makes you all think that we are not?"

"I'm just saying. Alright let's continue our dinner" Kyuhyun left the table without saying anything. Sungmin just watched him leave with sad eyes. But still, he managed to hide it in front of the members.

"Should I tell him the truth?" Zhoumi thought while looking at the sulking Sungmin opposite the dining table.


"Kyuhyun, I will go to Ryeowook and Yesung's Hyung room tonight"

"No! You just sleep here. I'm going out" Kyuhyun close his laptop and walk towards their shared room door.

"Kyu! Where are you going?"

"It's none of your business, Sungmin." With that, Kyuhyun grabbed his coat. However before he walked out of their room, Sungmin grabbed his wrist.

"No matter how much you push me away, I’ll keep holding tight onto you until the very end so that you can’t go anywhere. If you really do plan to go, just lie to me please. Ask me to meet you again tomorrow, smile and say we’ll be fine. Tell me that your suggestion to break up was just a joke Kyu ~"

"Sungmin, I’ll meet someone so much better. I’ll make you regret it all. Sadness is only for now!" After that, Kyuhyun walked out of their main door not turning back.

Sungmin is tired of crying the whole day for his love. But it did not stop. It did not especially when his beloved told him to stay out of his business. It hurts him so much.

"I really didn’t know that love was like glass, even though it shines beautifully, it breaks easily. I don’t expect anything from you right now Kyu ~ I’m just happy seeing you. If you still doubt my love, I’m going to wait until your heart opens up."


"Are you serious? Tell him the truth? Do you know what will happen to us if you do that? Don't forget what I will do to Sungmin if you tell everyone the truth!" Victoria shouted and her voice rings throughout the rooftop.

"We should stop this! We are not only hurting them but the members are hurting seeing them like this too."

"So what Zhoumi? You love Sungmin and even sacrifice to do a kidney transplant for his brother! Isn't it right for him to love you back when you sacrificed so much?"

"Victoria! Please! We can't force love. You've seen how much they love each other. We can't just break their relationship like this just because I love Sungmin. I know you like Kyuhyun too. That is why you want me to stay with Sungmin right?"


"Zhoumi are you feeling better?"

"Yes. Thanks Victoria."

""You did a really great sacrifice for Sungmin's brother. Have you ever think that what if the surgery was not successful?"

"Nope. I didn't think much. All I know is that Sungmin couldn't sleep or eat properly for months just because he is worried for his brother."

"can't he donate himself? Why must you donate your kidney for his brother instead?"

"He insisted he wanted to give his kidney instead but I stopped him. If he do that, he will be very weak and with his hectic schedule, it's hard for him to take care of himself."

"Are you crazy? What did his parents say?"

"They thanked me and said they owe me this. They are really nice people so I didn't ask much."

"Don't you want Sungmin to love you back?"

"I want but I know this will never happen. He only treats me like his brother."

"Do you know that Sungmin likes Kyuhyun?"

"W..What? Are you sure? How did you know?"

"Of course I'm sure. You don't need to know how I know but I will help you with your relationship with Sungmin."


No buts! You've done such a big sacrifice and me as your good friend, I want to see your happiness. Let me matchmake you please ~"

"Hais..Alright but if he really likes Kyuhyun, don't force."

"Yeah sure!" Victoria hug Zhoumi with a wide grin which never leaves her face.

"Kyuhyun is going to be mine!" She thought while continue hugging him.

-End of Flashback-

"Zhoumi! Why can't you still get it until now?They are not meant for each other! I did it for their own good!"

"But can't you see how much they are suffering? They love each other! All of us can feel that even though they didn't say it themselves!"

"Stop it..I alr..." Suddenly the door to the rootop open and both of them stared in awed. There at the door stood Cho Kyuhyun which both of us would not want to see now. Kyuhyun rushed to them and gave a slap across Victoria face.

"Is this what you want? Seeing your friends suffer because of your selfish love?" Kyuhyun shouted and gave her another slap.

"I don't want to see both of you around again!" With clenched fist and gritted teeth, Kyuhyun rushed back to their dorm.


Upon reaching their living room, Kyuhyun scanned around hoping to see Sungmin. Most of the members are there but the person he wanted to see the most is not in sight.

"Hyung, have you all seen Sungmin?"

"Oh! He is in my room sleeping. Kyuhyun ah is there something wrong? Why Sungmin Hyung wanted to sleep with me?" Ryeowook asked worriedly.

"Hais..Since most of you are here, can I asked a small favour from all of you, Hyung?"

"Just say it Kyuhyun, we will try our best to help if we can."

"Actually Sungmin and me has been in a relationship since..."

- At Ryeowook's room -

"I just want to thank Zhoumi by being by his side as his best friend. We were not in a romantic relationship. Although he confessed to me, I already made it clear that I would like to stay as his best friend. Why didn't trust me? Why didn't you listen to my explanation?" Sungmin sliently cried to sleep.


Kyuhyun seldom sleep in their shared room nowadays. Sungmin is upset how their relationship turned out to be. On their way back to dorm, the members were tired therefore they slept all the way.

Sungmin is so tired that he rushed to his room wanting to rest a while before showering. However he saw something that caught his eyes. On their table, there lays a bouquet of rose. Bringing it up, Sungmin saw that it's eleven real red roses and one artificial red rose in the center of the bouquet. There is a card attach to it which says:"I will love you until the last rose fades.”

Sungmin thinks hard if it could be from Kyuhyun since there is no name written on it. It might be Zhoumi too or anyone else. But he hopes that it's from the one and only person whom his heart beats for.

After taking a shower, he swtiched off the lights and laid on his bed. He was surprised when he saw the ceiling of their room. There on the ceiling were stars that glow in the dark spelling out "I Love You".

The next few days, many surprises were awaiting for Sungmin. He receive a stylish hand mirror including a sentence at the back of the mirror saying "In this mirror you will see the image of the most perfect guy in the world.” As he is checking his email, a line of love poetry was sent to him everyday. Hershey's Kisses were found in his bag. Sticky notes were found everywhere around the dorm with romantic love quotes addresses to him.

Sungmin has a feeling that Kyuhyun is behind all this but has Kyuhyun already know the truth?


"Sungmin ah, we are going out together later. Once you are back from schedule, let me know. I will arrange a ride for you to meet us" Sungmin smiled while looking at Leeteuk's text.

After replying, he went down to wait for the car. After a while, a limousine stopped in front of him and the window rolled down revealing the person he loves.

"Hey! Close your mouth! A fly is going in already. Come on! Let's hop in!" Kyuhyun opened the door and led SUngmin into the car.


"Min change into this." Kyuhyun throw a suit for Sungmin to change into while asking the driver to roll up the privacy window. Sungmin's brain was still clueless about what's happening right not. His brain wanted him to ask Kyu what's going on but part of him wants it to go on.

The ride remains silence while Kyuhyun reached for Sungmin's hand. The latter was shocked but smiled while looking at Kyuhyun who is facing the window smiling. Kyuhyun kissed the most softest hand that he ever held.


Upon reaching a resort, Kyuhyun led Sungmin towards the bench behind it.

"Kyuhyun, where are the others? Aren't they meeting us too?"

"They will be coming later. Come on! I got something to show you."

When reaching the beach, Sungmin almost screamed in joy and happiness. There at the centre of the bench, lay a big heartshape made by rose petals with Sungmin and Kyuhyun below it. In the centre of the heartshaped rose petals, there is a table with two chairs opposite each other with candles at the center of the table and a bonquet of roses.

Kyuhyun went to one of the chair, pulling it and gestured for Sungmin to sit down. After Kyuhyun settled at the other side, Henry came out with a volin and started to play a romantic tune. Eunhyuk appears with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Kyuhyun brings the bouquet of roses over to Sungmin and Henry started to change to another tune.

"Sungmin, please forgive me for being so ignorance and so uncaring. It's my fault we quarrel that day. I should have listen to you. I know that you only love me and treat Zhoumi like a brother. I am sorry. Will you forgive me?"

"Of course Kyu!" Sungmin smile and Kyuhyun can't help to kiss his forehead. After that Leeteuk come out with two plates of servings for them.

While eating halfway, Kyuhyun took out his Iphone and showed it to Sungmin.

"Min! Look at this!"

"Huh? What is special about..Oh!" Sungmin look at the domain name of a webpage which spells out "" and the webpage contains their pictures with romantic poem address to him.

"Aish! Why have you become so cheesy? So all the surprises I received before were from you too right?" Kyuhyun smile and took his hand to give it a kiss.

They were eating in comfortable silence and towards the end of their meal, Donghae appears in a magician suit. He entertain the two of them which made both of them laughing hard. Near to the ending of the last trick, a box appear with two loose diamond rings and a bunny with red ribbons on it.

Kyuhyun kneel down in front of Sungmin, one hand holding the rings and the other holding Sungmin's hand.

"Min, You are the love of my life and my future. You are my soul mate and the only person I hope to spend my life with. My heart is yours forever. Will you keep my heart forever? Will you spend your life with me. I give this ring In hope of your love. Please do me the honor of becoming mine, MiniMi?"

Sungmin can't stop his happiness tears from flowing. Kyuhyun stood up, cupped his face while using his thumb to wipe his tears away and kissed him on his lips.

"Just say yes already! Come on! Faster say yes! We want to go home and sleep!" Yesung shouted while getting a smack on the head by other members.

"You are spoiling the mood, Hyung!" Ryeowook wacked him on his arms and laugh.

"Yes Yes, Cho Kyuhyun, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and love you till eternity."

"Yay!!!" The members cheer and hug one another feeling happy for both Sungmin and Kyuhyun.

For that night, Kyuhyun and Sungmin went for a limosine ride with just the two of them, cuddling in the back enjoying a night in the city.


Victoria and Zhoumi were at Victoria's house enjoying their tea.

"Zhoumi ah, thanks to both Kyuhyun and Sungmin, now we know that we are meant for each other." Victoria look up from Zhoumi's arms while smiling at him.

"Yay." Zhoumi reply coldly while stroking her hair.

Suddenly, Victoria took out a knife from her back and point it to Zhoumi's neck.

"Do you think I will let you go like this? You know how much I love kyuhyun! But yo..." Victoria said when suddenly her stomach starts to feel pain. The pain is so unbearable that she slumped on the floor not moving much

"So you think you are the only one who have hatred? Victoria, I hate you for separating Sungmin and me." Zhoumi said while taking his coat ready to leave her house.

"Y..You put something into the tea, didn't you

"Goodbye Victoria" Zhoumi said with a smirk, closing the door behind him.

A/N: Sorry if it's not what you all expected :( Do comment! <3
Thanks for reading!

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