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True Love Never Dies [1/2]

Title: True Love Never Dies [1/2]
Characters: KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG 13
Warning: No Warning
Beta:Nazeera (Thank you so much!)
Disclaimer: Super Junior is ELF’s while ELF’s is Super Junior’s ^^
Summary: KyuMin love is so great and perfect even angels envy them and nothing can separate them apart. Until one day, "…Sungmin has been hanging with him often" was what Kyuhyun heard and what makes Kyuhyun more upset was that the "him" that was mentioned is not himself. He cannot take it anymore. "Just get out of my sight, Lee Sungmin!" was all he could afford at the moment.

It has been two years since the mini drama when Kyuhyun realized he loves Sungmin. Everyone can see how madly in love they were with each other. Kyuhyun once told his SJ hyungs that Sungmin makes his life complete and everyday when he looks at him he felt like he has fallen in love again. Everyone was envious of what they have. Even Eunyuk and Donghae were envious. They were seen around together most of the time. Nothing can separate them apart. Their love is so great and perfect even angels envy them.

Kyuhyun often gets tired after a recording but having the thoughts of meeting Sungmin later for lunch before meeting the rest for dance practice excites him. Sungmin always gets him through the day even when he is sad or tired. He couldn't wish for more.


While on the way to meet Sungmin, he decided to head to the washroom first. The whole day, he couldn’t stop smiling. But as he was inside one of the cubicle, he heard a couple of trainees talking. He ignored it at first but some words caught his attention.

"…Sungmin has been hanging with him often" one of the trainee said.

"oh must be me…don't they know we're together?… kekeke" Kyuhyun chuckled to himself.

"But I thought Sungmin is with Kyuhyun?" the other trainee asked.

"Yeah I thought so too but I saw Sungmin and Zhoumi, and they sure act like they're a couple" her friend said.

"Really? How can that be? No one can break Kyumin apart."

"Did they quarrel? Are they not longer together?" the two people kept discussing.

"…ah…not sure but yesterday…" as the voice fade away, Kyuhyun slammed the cubicle door open.

Kyuhyun felt mad. "How can that be? Sungmin is cheating on me? Aish they must be kidding!" Kyuhyun refused to believe what he just heard. He later took a second to think and breathe.

"It couldn't be. Maybe they are just spreading rumours" he thought to himself. Then Kyuhyun head out from the toilet, just to see zhoumi turn along the corridor and disappeared. A couple of seconds later, Sungmin came out from a room and he squealed.

"Kyu! You are here!" he greeted kyuhyun with a kiss and a hug.

"Why is Zhoumi here today? Isn't he supposed to have no schedule?" Kyuhyun thought as he hugged Sungmin tight not wanting to let go.

"Come on, I'm hungry! Let's go and eat!" Sungmin hurriedly drag Kyuhyun to the cafe.

"Maybe I shouldn't think so much. After all Sungmin is my boyfriend and I should trust him right?" Kyuhyun thought while looking at their intertwined hands.

They walk hand in hand towards the cafe to have their lunch. After they bought their food, they went to find a place near the window to sit down for lunch. However after a few minutes, Sungmin noticed that Kyuhyun was a little quieter than usual.

"Kyu~ why are you so distracted today? Is there anything bothering you? Your baby can make it better!" Sungmin said with a smile.

"Aww my baby is so sweet. I'm fine! Now, let's finish our lunch or else we'll be late for our practise." Kyuhyun said.

Kyuhyun smiled to reassure Sungmin that he is fine but Sungmin can see through everything. He is not fine and Sungmin was very worried. He has never seen Kyuhyun behaved like this before. Knowing Kyuhyun well, Sungmin didn't want to upset Kyuhyun more so he kept quiet and didn't ask much about it. The whole day, Kyuhyun have been really quiet and down which not only make Sungmin worried more but other members are worried too.

That Night =======================================================================

"Sungmin ah can I talk to you a while?" Leeteuk called him while they were in the elevator up to their dorm.

"Sure Hyung" Sungmin followed Leeteuk up to the 12th floor and into his room.

"Sungmin ah, you are the closest to Kyuhyun…"

"Yes Hyung?"

"Hais..How should I put this…Do you know what is bothering him? He didn't talk much the whole day and wasn't the evil and snarky maknae he is."

"Hyung, I'm worried too but it seems that he does not want to talk about it. I'll find out and talk to him about it. Don't worry Hyung! It's a long day. Do have a good rest"

"Thank You Sungmin! I'm just worried" Leeteuk gave Sungmin a hug before a goodnight.

That night, Sungmin couldn't sleep. He was still worried and wondered what had happened to Kyuhyun to make him this upset and unmotivated. While cuddling in bed, he asked Kyuhyun again.

"Baby, are you sure you're alright? Did something happen?" Sungmin asked Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun who was about to sleep answered. "I'm ok. Nothing happened."

"I think." he whispered to himself without letting Sungmin hear.

Sungmin looked over to Kyuhyun and saw that he was already asleep. Sungmin kissed his forehead and slept with a heavy heart.


The next few days, Kyuhyun have been coming home late from schedule due to Immortal Song 2. However today, he came back earlier as they finished it faster than usual. He rushed back to the dorm, greeted the members and ran to his room.

"Minnie! I'm h...oh!"

He ran back to the living room and asked:"Hyung, Where is Sungmin? Did you all see him?"

"I saw him up in the rooftop half an hour ago" Eunhyuk answered while munching on his food with movie playing on the tv.

Hearing that, Kyuhyun ran to the rooftop wanting to see Sungmin. Before he opened the door, he heard someone's voice which made him froze on his spot.

"Ming ah, thank you for loving me and staying with me always. I wish we can stay like this forever." Kyuhyun decided to eavesdrop on them. He hid behind a wall and watched them.

However what he saw shocked him. He didn't realised a tear had already stream down his cheek. Zhoumi was there smiling at Sungmin while holding the latter hand. He caress Sungmin's cheek and give it a peck.

"I couldn't ask for more than having you." Zhoumi then pulled Sungmin into his embrace and Sungmin hugged him back.

"Mi ah. do you want to go back downstairs? It's cold here. You might get sick an......"


With that, kyuhyun cannot take it anymore and he rushed back to his room to retrieve his coat. He went to a bar to sort out all of his mixed emotions. Glass after glass, he started to get giddy. He is not like this. He have never drank this much before. Although he loves drinking, he will stop when he feels dizzy.

He decided to drink a few more glass. However, he collapsed before finishing.

The bar owner seeing Kyuhyun in this state decided to call a cab for him but being so drunk, he wasn't able to tell a exact address. The bar owner brought him to a comfortable room and decided to go through his stuff to see if there is any address. Halfway through, Kyuhyun's phone rang which the bar owner felt relieved.


"Oh.. Hello. Is Kyuhyun there?" Sungmin felt weird that it wasn't Kyuhyun who is answering.

"Are you his friend? He is drunk."

"Really? Where is he now? I will go pick him up." After taking down the address and thanking the bar owner, Sungmin rush out of the dorm to his car.

"Kyuhyun is not like that. He never drinks like that. What is wrong with him?" Sungmin thought while stepping hard to get to his destination faster.


"Kyu! What happend to you?" Sungmin rushed to Kyuhyun side and pull him by the waist.

"I'll bring you home. Don't worry just sleep. I'll wake you up when we're home." He continued while dragging him. Suddenly, Kyuhyun pulled away from Sungmin which shocked both of them.

"I...What do you mean don't worry? How can I feel safe with you?! I can go home myself. I don't need you!" Kyuhyun shouted while the words came out not clear however Sungmin understood.

"What are you talking about? What do you mean you don't feel safe? You don't need me? I am your boyfriend, Kyu! Why are you rejecting me?" Sungmin shouted back angrily.

"Get lost. I don't want to see you."

"W..hat did you just say?"

"I say get lost! I don't want to see you! Do you not understand what I am saying?"

"Why are you treating me like this?! Where is the love we had for each other all these years gone to?!" Sungmin clenched his fist hard until it turned white.

"Love?! Did you just say love? Haha"

"Kyu ~ Why are you like that?!" Sungmin went over wanting to touch Kyuhyun but was slapped away by the the latter.

"Didn't you hear me? Get lost! There is no love in the first place! The person you love is Zhoumi!"

Sungmin stood frozen on his spot.

"K..Kyu..W..What are you talking about?!"

"You know what I mean Lee Sungmin! Stop acting innocent when you two timed on us! Do you want me to tell Zhoumi about this? I bet he still doesn't know about our relationship!"

"Kyu, No please"

"I am right, aren't I? I am so stupid. Being a fool all these years. Goodbye Sungmin."

"Kyuhyun! Listen to me! I love you and you only. Please trust me. It's you only!"

"Love? Trust? I don't think it has ever existed between us."

Kyuhyun felt exhausted and sat back on the sofa while trying all his might to shout one last time.

"Just get out of my sight, Lee Sungmin!"

Not looking back, Sungmin ran out of the bar with tears tainting his beautiful white cheeks.


"Kyuhyun I love you. I really do. But I guess everything is fine now. Goodbye."

A/N: Sorry if it's not that good :( Do comment! <3
Actually I'm planning to end it like that but I'll see how first^^

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